Coping with COVID-19

The rapid escalation of the COVID-19 situation has been challenging new territory for all of us.  Please use and share the following resources developed by Dr. Wagner to help you and your family and friends cope with anxiety during this difficult time.

International OCD Foundation presents: Kids, teens, & families support group. Wednesday, April 8th at 7-8:30pm ET.  Topic: Anxiety in the (Virtual) Classroom. Join Dr. Wagner along with moderator Ethan Smith and panelists Denise Egan Stack, LMHC, and Lisa Coyne, PhD as they provide expert advice for families. Participate on Facebook Live and YouTube, and bring your questions!

Join Dr. Wagner, along with moderator Ethan Smith and panelists Denise Egan Stack, LMHC, and Lisa Coyne, PhD, as they provide expert guidance for families dealing with OCD during this difficult time (Facebook).

 Download these free PDFs with helpful tips for you and your family.

  1. Anxiety During COVID-19 Support for Kids, Teens and Families
  2. Coping with COVID-19: Managing Anxiety and OCD
  3. Anxiety During COVID-19 and its Impact on Parenting and Kids
  4. Feeling Thermometer

Read Dr. Wagner's suggestions for parents and children in the Washington Post: "How to talk to kids about coronavirus" by Sindya Bhanoo 

Watch Dr. Wagner discuss coping with anxiety about COVID-19 at the IOCDF OCD/Coronavirus Town Hall.  


Listen to Dr. Wagner offer tips and strategies for parents and kids on Triangle 411's podcast "COVID-19: Schools, children, psychology, and meditation."


Watch Dr. Wagner share tips for parents during the Peace of Mind Foundation's livestream: Anxiety during COVID-19 and its Impact on Parenting and Kids. Facebook  |  YouTube